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As the largest hall in Croatia, it is unavoidable that Arena Zagreb is situated along the route of the world´s great musicians and entertainers. From the classic rocker with a raspy voice, such as Joe Cocker, to R'N'B and pop divas like Beyonce and Lady Gaga, Arena Zagreb receives the best acts the music world has to offer.
Arena Zagreb is designed to seat 15 022 spectators, however if required the hall can accommodate up to 18,600 spectators. Coupled with the passion and voices of the cheering fans, you are sure to experience an unforgettable atmosphere at Arena Zagreb. Overnight Arena Zagreb can transform from a stage where a capacity filled event is fueled by the roar of ecstatic fans, or to a space perfect for the intimate and relaxed sound of say, the Philharmonic Orchestra. In any case, no matter which option you choose, success and a full event experience are guaranteed.

Arena Zagreb is a multifunctional space, fully equipped for various types of indoor sports events. From the ice hockey rink in our temperature controlled environment¸ to basketball and handball matches, in which teams will test the quality of the parquet, as well as size and comfort of our locker rooms, Arena Zagreb is ready and equipped to meet the requirements of whichever sport.  Arena Zagreb is equipped to hold both European and World Indoor Championships, indoor athletics, tennis, volleyball, combat sports, soccer and many other indoor sports.

The large hall of Arena Zagreb can be used for fairs and family events of various themes. If it’s a large space you’re after then the telescopic grandstands of the large hall can retract to a surface area of 5531 m2. However If you have no need for such a large space, or you are afraid that your event may be lost in the spaciousness of the hall, we have a solution to that. The telescopic stands of the large hall can extend out and close the surface area of the large hall to a size of 2048 m2.If that doesn’t meet your requirement of a smaller space,  then we also have a small hall of 773,4 m2  that  can be used for smaller meets or conferences

The North entrance of the hall allows easy access for vehicles unloading their stands, equipment and stages. Our roof construction has a load capacity up to 100 tons, in case you want to set your advertising material at visible position.

In short, you have the space and opportunities to raise your event to a whole new level.

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